Client Reviews

The fighter

Cody skipper went over and Beyond the Call of Duty very good person excellent lawyer. you have some attorneys that do not care about the client but you cannot put Cody in that category I give him a 10 out of five. that shows he is a very good attorney and I would like to thank him. if you need legal assistance this is the person to call Cody Skipper.

-Kentron Goodson

The Highest Standard of Quality Representation

Look no further, Cody Lee Skipper is the absolute finest lawyer and human being I have experienced in my lifetime in a time of absolute need.

• attentive • detailed • proficient • dedicated • professional • patient • reputable • educated • caring • competitive • experienced • protective • moral • winner • trustworthy • focused are some of the characteristics I experienced and you can expect.

If you’re seeking the best legal representation to protect yourself and or a loved one’s legal rights look no further. Three Felonies and One Misdemeanor (no bill - dismissed - dismissed - dismissed - dismissed) I trusted his process, and he won. With the deepest confidence and gratitude I would highly recommend and encourage Cody Lee Skipper representation to anyone without any reservation. You will not be disappointed.

My and my family’s life could of taken a turn for the worst and in this time of ABSOLUTE NEED, Cody Lee Skipper performed at a level beyond expectations. In sports terms, Cody Lee Skipper is the “Franchise Player”, “Team Captain” and First Round Pick”.


10 Stars

We were recommended to Cody by another lawyer. We are very thankful we hired Cody to help with my boyfriend’s case. He was on Federal probation and got charged with manufacturing and Deliver of CS and looking at serious time.

We have hired other lawyers but no one can compare to Cody. He is amazing always communicated and answered all our questions. He knew what he was doing and after all his hard work he was able to get the charge dismissed. He fought hard did great job and will always recommend him.


Honesty goes a long way

Couldn't be happier with the way Cody handled my case. Once he realized I was being completely honest about my situation, it was like unleashing the pitbull. Not only did he save me from a felony conviction and prison time, I walked away with a misdemeanor and 2yrs probation. A true BMF!


Attorney that goes above and beyond!

I sent an email to Mr. Skipper about my 7-month-old misdemeanor case, and I was actually surprised when he called me back. He told me from the beginning that his docket was extremely full, but that he wanted to try to help me out if he could.

I live in a city about 2 hours away from where he practices, so he wanted to see if it would be something he could fit into his schedule. We discussed the case, and he saw that this could easily be more than just a one-day trial.

He knew then that he could not provide the service I would expect from him, due to the distance and his schedule. But! He still went over my case on his spare time, and never asked for a penny. He gave me the best advice I’d had in 7 months, and didn’t want a dime.

He helped me with some possible defenses, and even got me in touch with a good lawyer in my city. I couldn’t believe he went so above and beyond for a total stranger.

If you’re in Dallas, and in need of expert legal help. Give Cody Skipper a call! I am 100% positive that he will not let you down. I’ve never been so impressed with an attorney in my life. His professionalism and his passion for his work are unrivaled by any attorney I’ve ever worked with.

If he ever runs for political office, he’s certainly secured my vote! And I truly hope he does one day!


Engaging in organized criminal activity, with the underlying offenses alleged to be murder and assault

In spite of the fact that an unfortunate circumstance brought us together, it was an absolute honor to have been represented by Cody L. Skipper. I continue to value the friendship we've developed over the last 3 years.

While facing a 5 to 99-year sentence for the alleged offense of "Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity", with the underlying offenses alleged to be "Murder and Assault", Cody guided and counseled me every step of the way. Excellent communicators, he and his staff always kept me apprised of any new information, giving me comfort that my life was in able hands.

From the time Cody took my case, he and his team worked tirelessly to seek and ultimately obtain a dismissal. Persistent, tenacious, aggressive, relentless and appropriately assertive with a touch of "don't take $&#@ off any anybody (to include Detectives, Clerks and District Attorneys), Cody went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome for me and my family.

I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated and qualified law firm or attorney. A huge THANK YOU to Cody Skipper and the entire The Law Office of Cody L. Skipper team for helping me get my life back!


Mr. Jacob Opdyke

Cody not only worked until the end but provided exceptional service. I would highly recommend his services.


Indicted on Federal conspiracy

I was indicted with federal conspiracy and named the ring leader. I searched endlessly for the best representation around. I can honestly say, this was the best experience I’ve had, and I’ve hired several “super lawyers”, none of which got me exactly what I wanted except Cody Skipper. I was given probation and he was worth every penny. God forbid anything were to happen to someone I love, I would recommend Cody hands down.